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Partners & associates

Piscatus Limted has many key commercial partners and associates. A number of arrangements have been implimented with our partners to ensure the Piscatus product range provides you with a seamless and simple user experience.

The Piscatus suite of products integrates with a number of commercial marine electronics and navigational products to provide the complete navigational and mapping combination for any size fishing vessel. Below are some of our partners. Please take the time to visit their websites and learn more about their products and services.


The RoxAnn-GD application is the ultimate ground discrimination product and works seamlessly with Piscatus.

seaplot international

SeaPlot Pro is a world leading electronic chart navigation application.

Ocean Projects International

For Piscatus sales in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and South Korea.

tmq electronics

TMQ Electronics is a wholesaler of high quality marine based electronic products.


For Piscatus sales in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.



Seabed Mapping International Ltd
Port Nelson
New Zealand