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Here are just some of the comments we have recently received about the Piscatus suite of products. Skippers from all over the globe continue to give testiment to Piscatus and the benefits of superior seabed vision.

FV Golden Dawnrevolutionary

This software has revolutionised the way we fish. We see more detail than ever before and can now fish areas that we didn’t know we could. We truly do catch more fish in less time.

Gary Hanson - Skipper “FV Golden Dawn” - Trident Seafoods Corp. Seattle Washington



FV Golden Dawnimpressive

The combination of Piscatus3D with RoxAnn-GD is the best equipment made for fishermen since the echosounder.

Skipper - 51M Long Liner - Norway



FV Golden Dawnaccurate

The best features of Piscatus3D include the ability to zoom and rotate/pan view of accurately mapped bottom features. We find this most useful when identifying sometimes subtle structure in otherwise featureless areas that hold fish and baitfish. I would recommend Piscatus3D to any keen sport fisherman or charter boat owner.

Gregg Mariuz - Skipper - Profishient Charters LLC - Lake Michigan - USA


FV Golden Dawnsolid investment

The detail in Piscatus has helped us identify fishing grounds that we would never have fished before. A solid investment for any skipper looking to catch more fish.

Peter Connolly - Skipper "FV Rehua" Sealord Group Ltd - New Zealand



FV Golden Dawnefficient

This is the best equipment we have onboard, and we earned back the cost of it in a few months. The combination of Piscatus3D and RoxAnn helps us place our nets more accurately and efficiently.

Skipper - 10M Net Boat - Norway


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