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  • Piscatus3D will compliment any wheelhouse and prove to be potentially the best electronic investment your vessel has had installed for a long time.
  • See the seafloor in 3D like never before.
  • The "Horseshoe" area from Northern America. Note the fault line running down through the shelf.
  • Witness your new 3D maps develop in real-time as you steam or fish over old fishing grounds.
  • Plot and position your fishing gear in 3D. Find with ease the holes and ledges that you had never noticed before.
  • Integrating with RoxAnn-GD, Piscatus will show ground descrimination characteristics in 3 dimensions. See now in 3D for the first time a more detailed view of the habitat your target lives in by identifying ground type such as sand, mud, coral or weed.
  • See your trawl nets in 3D and how they relate to the seafloor surroundings.
  • Set your own colour palette to your personal preference.
  • Use Piscatus in conjunction with a number of other marine electronic applications.
  • Variable contour settings provide as much detail as you want. You choose the settings and tailor the display to your needs.

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